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Name:Fern Phillips
Birthdate:Apr 30
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
Fern Phillips was a high school nerd. She wore coke bottle glasses, was captain of the Chess Team and Debate Teams, and she was a shoe in for valedictorian. She was smart, shy, scrawny, dowdy, pale and unpopular. Her mother was, to be blunt, a hippie and a practicing witch, her father had divorced her mother when she was only four and the two had never heard from him again.

Fern had absolutely nothing going for her...until a couple of cheerleaders invited her to a party.

She knew they were asking only because they were probably going to hit her up to do their chemistry homework in exchange for the taste of the high school good life, but she did it anyway. She never imagined that she'd end up in a car driving home with the head quarterback, who was behind the wheel after far too many trips to the keg. She didn't know that when she started protesting as he began to swerve that things would start getting crazy.

She didn't know that she'd hit her head against the side window as the car veered off the road, hit a rock, and flipped three times.

While laying in a coma in the hospital after being declared brain dead, Fern's mother began to pray at her bedside...not to her Goddess, but invoking the names of every deity and demon she could think of, pleading for her daughter's life. Normally, her prayers would have gone unanswered...but an incorporeal demon, still a child by her people's reckoning at a mere hundred and twenty years old, answered her invocations. The succubus, lost and lonely and longing for a healthy body with which to feed, entered the mother, struck a bargain...and took possession of Fern's lifeless husk.

When she woke a couple days later, the doctors called it a miracle. When she was discharged two weeks later, the doctors called it ungodly.

And when Fern returned to school not long after, sporting new highlights, a miniskirt, and a confidence that didn't belong to her, everyone knew, deep down, that something had happened to the former Nevada State Chess Champion.

And none knew better than the SBC.
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